George R. Roberts Company

We make hundreds of products, but really sell only two,
Quality and Service

Certified Experience

With over 55 years in the Precast Concrete business, George R. Roberts Co. has built a solid reputation for manufacturing and supplying top quality concrete products on time and in budget.  Contact for a competitive, comprehensive quote on the Precast Concrete Products on your next project!

Quality Products

We are a member of the National Precast Concrete Association and the Northeast Precast Concrete Association and we are one of a handful of plant in New England that is Certified by The National Precast Concrete Association Plant Certification Team.


We can help you and your project score credit points toward gaining a high level LEED Certification.  Concrete Products are manufactured with Sustainable, Native Material.  Additionally, 100% of our energy needs are met by solar generation and we’re committed to manufacturing our products in a green environment.  See our Recent News section for more information regarding LEED Certification.

Competitive Pricing

We operate under this two word slogan, “Continuous Improvement”.  We are always working to improve our processes and efficiency so that we can continue to provide our customers with high quality products at competitive prices.

Residential Site Products

We have a large variety of Precast Concrete products that that will assist you in completing any Residential Site building project.

Utility Products

We can handle all your Utility Product needs and will work with you to solve any problems using the forming options at our disposal.

Commercial Site Products

The wide range of Commercial Site products available at the George Roberts Co allows for a ONE STOP shopping experience for our commercial customers.

Highway Products

We make Precast Concrete Box Culverts, Barriers and Curbing to help you plan, organize and complete your Highway project on time and within budget.

Sewer & Drainage Structures

No manhole job is too big or too small. We carry a large quantity of pieces in inventory ready to be coated, cored and/or booted to meet the requirements of your job.

Custom Products

If you require a special piece of Precast Concrete to solve a jobsite problem or simplify a particular part of a project, we can make virtually anything you may need.

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